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MemTurbo 4

Recenty awarded 5-stars by C|Net Editors (Feb 2008).

Help boost your system's performance with MemTurbo™ 4, a high-performance memory manager that can help recover computer memory leaks, restore performance and help to ensure computer reliability. The safe, easy and effective way to increase your system performance. MemTurbo Defragments physical RAM, recovers RAM from the operating system and applications, recovers leaked memory and fine-tunes file caching to your specific usage scenarios. MemTurbo does NOT use compression, nor does it install any drivers or VxDs, or anything outside of its own directory.

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  • Helps to improve your application's performance and speed.
  • Helps to optimize the performance of physical memory you already have.
  • Helps reclaim lost memory resources and put them to better use.
  • Helps to recover RAM leaks from poorly behaved applications.
  • Helps to manage system memory, the paging file and virtual memory.
  • The new Task Manager helps you monitor the running processes.
  • Gaming: Helps support better graphic displays and performance of applications.
Benefits Can Include
  • Faster Windows
  • Faster programs
  • Fewer system hangs/lockups
  • More available memory means better performance
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Leaves a small footprint

When using the trial version: for your convenience, MemTurbo will remind you once a week of why you should upgrade to the full version and offers you the opportunity to do so. To remove MemTurbo, and the reminder, simply use the uninstall functionality.

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Supported Operating Systems

Windows 98

Windows 2000/NT

Windows ME

Windows 2003

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

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