Does your PC Startup feel like it takes forever?

Everyone has experienced a slow PC. It’s frustrating. Sometimes you’re able to go and grab a cup of coffee and make a sandwich in the time it takes to start a computer running Windows®. When your PC was new it probably never felt like it took so long to startup.

Your PC can slow down over time

As we use our PCs we go out and upgrade or add new software constantly. It seems like every program requires constant updates just to keep it working. Each time these programs are installed or updated settings are usually changed on your PC. Applications that you might not use right away or at all end up starting when you turn on your PC. For every application or process that is set to start when you turn on your PC it takes longer and longer for your PC to become usable.

RapidStart - The Startup Solution

It's time to get your PC startup optimized.

RapidStart™ is a simple solution to show you what programs and processes are slowing down your PC’s startup time. After a quick install you’ll be able to start your PC and see exactly how long it takes to startup. Once startup is complete, RapidStart will present you with a clear listing of programs and processes that do not need to run at startup. For each program you’ll see an estimate of how much time you could save by delaying its start without any harm to your PC.

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As a Microsoft Certified Partner we pride ourselves on building the highest quality software utilities for you to use.

We have put extensive hours into researching the startup recommendations presented in RapidStart and continue our research every day. New software comes out daily and we work hard to provide new recommendations as they are discovered. Your version of RapidStart will be able to receive automatic updates that include new recommendations for your PC.

Don't put up with a PC that takes forever to startup.

Download RapidStart and see what an improvement your PC can have in just minutes.

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